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[ No More Dungeons ] is a small Dungeon-Crawler Puzzle game created for Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam in 48 hours. You as the player wake up in one of the cells and need to get out of it. You can have ONLY ONE item at a time in your huge inventory consisting of just ONE slot. Your crosshair represents this "SLOT" ;) You need to overcome few puzzles here and there and get out of this old forgoten place.


LMBPickup Item
QDrop Item
ESCExit Game

The Idea

It all started with idea of something that players expect to have a decent amount like the inventory slots. So I thought it is great idea to make it as big as one slot ;) So what type of game can use inventory sytem? Of course a simple dungeon-crawler but with only one slot it needs to be used in diffrent way. So idea was to create puzzles based around this problem with inventory. Unfortunetly I wasn't been able to do as much stuff with this idea as i thought at first. I really does take time to create all this mechanics and levels so there is still lot's of unused potential.

Technical Stuff

Pretty much everything was created by me in 48 hours. The only thing I didn't do is the sound. All models where created in blender from scratch. I've tried to put as much detalis as possilbe to all locations and I feel like I did it pretty well. The game runs on Unity Engine 2019.2 on built-in render pipeline with the use of Post Processing Stack.

No More Dungeons v1.0 ZIP


No More Dungeons v1.0.rar 21 MB

Development log


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You did really great! Such cool assets, I hope you continue in the world of game devving.